Date: Wednesday, December 14th
Time: 8pm
Location: High Noon Saloon (map)

Join us for the last Nerd Nite of 2022!

Our first speaker is experienced Nerd Niter Bob Baddeley: “Bob Baddeley will expose the mind-boggling world of “Intermodal Transport and Supply Chain Logistics.” As we all have consumerism heavily on our minds this season, we’ll take a look at all the things that have to happen to get your presents to you. We’ll blow your mind with a glimpse of the hundreds of steps it takes to get a simple product from raw materials to underneath your tree, and how everyone can coordinate across borders and trust each other to move billions of dollars worth of stuff around the globe every day.”

Next up is Nicholas Rogall with “Cult of the Classics: The Greco-Roman Mysteries”. He describes it thusly: “That’s right, the Greeks have been drinking the Koolaid since ancient times! Greco-Roman mystery cults were a personalized and secretive way to worship the gods & goddesses we know and love. We’ll dive into members-only revelries, raw meat feasts, and the mythical equivalent of Civil War reenactments.”

Finishing the evening is Emmy Hill. Emmy says: “I will briefly describe the geological and biological/paleontological history of the earth from the Big Bang to the present. We’ll discuss global climate change, dinosaurs, all the really weird animals we have had over the years, and all the weird rocks we have as a result.”