Date: Wednesday, February 7th
Time: 8pm
Location: High Noon Saloon

Winter woes got you down? Nerd Nite is here for you! We have three fabulous presenters lined up to entertain and educate you this February!
First is McKenzie Beyer to explain why so many people feel disappointed on their birthdays! Birthdays are complicated, and relationships with them change over time. McKenzie will also give some advice about avoiding those birthday blues.
Second is Dan Gantman talking about another stressor: traffic! We all get eaten up by the daily grind, but why is our daily commute so painful? During construction, commuters are often required to merge into a single lane of traffic, a bottleneck causing serious back-up, frustration, and late Zoom calls. It seems obvious when one should merge and yet commuters are polarized: Do you get in line right away or merge at the last second? In this presentation, we will settle the debate once and for all between anti-mergers and pro-mergers. You will learn how to simulate traffic and be empowered with equations to prove who is right about zipper merging, who is wasting everyone’s time, and who is just an asshole.
Our final speaker is returning Nerd Niter Larry Werner, who will be sharing the history of insurance! Insurance impacts all of our lives, whether we have it or not– its origins are more interesting than you may think!