Date: Wednesday, March 21
Time: 8pm
Location: High Noon Saloon (map)

The order of the night’s line-up will be announced on the Facebook event the day of the show.

Your voice got the moves (like Jagger)

Summary: Your speaking voice conveys a lot about your personality, and it’s set, right? Like your fingerprints, it comes with you and you go with it? This is real life, so you know it’s not that simple. Let’s make some weird noises together and play around with your sound.

Amber Nicole Dilger

Presenter Bio: Amber Nicole is a voice teacher and performance anxiety coach who is endlessly fascinated by both the physiology and psychology of the human vocal instrument. Based in Madison, she has taught and performed across the country and is happiest when her travels bring her to the ocean + trees + warmth. Find out more at

Children of the Corn: Americans’ Obsession with an Overgrown Grass

Summary: Americans love corn. We guzzle corn syrup, shovel in spoonfuls of cornflakes, and cut into prime steaks from corn-fed cows. We drive our cars with corn gasoline down highways lined with endless fields of corn. We’ll learn how the roots (ha!) of our obsession go back more than 8,000 years to a bushy grass in central Mexico and continue into the bowels of our most hated biotech companies — and show that corn is, in many ways, the most American plant.

Eric Hamilton

Presenter bio: Eric is a science writer with a particular obsession with plants, which probably explains why he used to be a plant scientist. He’s also a lifelong Midwesterner, which probably explains why he thinks so much about corn. And he’s a recently transplanted Madisonian, which probably explains why he loves pull-tabs so much.

Is this a Cult? And Other Better Questions about Intentional Communities

Summary: Didn’t intentional communities all die out in the 70’s? Are people really living off the land? What’s the difference between a commune, an ecovillage and a cohousing community? What kind of environmental and social impacts are communities making? Do people have to share toothbrushes? Answers to these and other burning questions brought you by intentional community hopper and analyst, Rachel Huber.

Rachel Huber

Presenter bio: Rachel studied Environmental Science at Purdue University and then unintentionally spent the next 7 years visiting/living in intentional communities across the U.S. Her eye for efficient systems, vision for a sustainable future and heart for human happiness has led her to believe that she has a thing or two to report to muggles public.