Date: Wednesday, Jan 29
Time: 8pm
Location: High Noon Saloon (map)

The order of the night’s line-up will be announced on the Facebook event the day of the show.

How is Brett Kavanaugh Still a Lawyer? Or, Legal Ethics and Discipline are Bullshit

Summary: Sure, we all think lawyers are terrible people, but where is the evidence? Come learn: how lawyers (and judges) are regulated, some bizarre applications of legal ethics code, why you should never cross a pig farmer, and what you can do about it… lawyer regulation, not the pigs.

John Lightfield

Presenter Bio: Exhibited the 2002 Walworth County Fair Reserve Champion Carcass Steer. On-again off-again: figure model, pizza chef, and bro pair. Definitely not an expert legal ethics. Likely practicing administrative law for the next six months.msterdam export product – tries to produce his own techno music.

Magnificent Mangroves: Adaptations, Biodiversity, and Outlook

Summary: From their unique adaptations to their benefits to biodiversity, mangroves are marvels of estuarine ecosystems. With a global distribution, these plants are ubiquitous in the tropics, but unfortunately, they face many threats that should be concerning to the denizens of the 43rd parallel north. So bundle (your vascular tissues) up, prop (root) yourself in a chair, and join us as we absorb the waves of mangrove knowledge!

Tyler Wintermute

Presenter Bio: A native of Northern Virginia, Tyler is a first-year graduate student in the Department of Botany at UW-Madison, and while his true passion are the trees of the people (Populus species, a.k.a. cottonwoods, aspens, and poplars) and their chemical ecology, he is fascinated and inspired by the life history of mangroves and their benefits to other biota. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring swamps, watching sports, and playing board-games. And taking care of plants. Lots of plants.

An Unlikely Peace: The facts, myths, and story of the Christmas Truce of 1914

Summary: The first winter of WW1 saw the realities of modern trench warfare fully realized, but the true horrors of the war were still months or years away. In a historical, one time only event, troops along the Western Front struck up an impromptu cease fire on December 25, 1914. We’ll take a look at how it started, what occurred between bitter enemies during the truce, and why it was never able to be repeated on the scale again.

Ben Cisler

Presenter Bio: Ben is a union electrician keeping the lights on here in the Madison area. A self-proclaimed history buff, he can often be found on the couch with his wife and husky mix (4 year old) puppy. He’s a Gemini who enjoys live music and long walks on the beach. In another life, he is a PHD history professor.