Date: Wednesday, Sep 26
Time: 8pm
Location: High Noon Saloon (map)

The order of the night’s line-up will be announced on the Facebook event the day of the show.

Fanfiction! Give her a chance

Summary: Fanfiction is weird, wild and wonderful. Like most things considered “feminine,” it’s been deeply maligned—but give her another shot! The delightful world created by fiction and fandoms is worth your time, so let go, jump in, and get ready to read.

Megan Costello

Presenter Bio: Megan spends too much time gardening, riding her bicycle and renovating a 93-year-old old bungalow (#asbestosisthebestos) with her husband Nick who never stops watching all the sports games.

Exploration and Production of Oil: Oilfield technology and engineering

Summary: Finding and extracting oil that is miles underground is no easy task. Companies must use increasingly advanced technology to discover and produce remaining oil reserves. Giant microphones, supercomputers, radioactive material, and plenty of explosives are all used to get black gold out of the ground and on it’s way to the refinery.

Clay Monahan

Presenter bio: Clay worked as an open hole wireline field engineer for an oilfield services company in Bakersfield, CA. He managed a truck and crew that performed onsite oil well data collection and analysis (more on that in the presentation). He has since moved back to the Midwest and now works as an energy efficiency engineer here in Madison, so he’s on his way to making up for his time spent plundering the earth’s natural resources.

Metal For Mettle: The French Narrative Medal

Summary: What do syphilis, fork swallowing, coal mining, tapping rubber trees and redeeming yourself in prison have in common? Why, these topics, and many more, were all subjects for a freewheeling, fifty year run of the French Narrative Medal. If you showed your mettle as doctor, scientist or man of business, chances are that you might have metal struck for you, as the subject of a commemorative medal during the period 1870-1920.

In France the kings were gone and the country was at the forefront of medicine, science, technology during a period in art that was intensely romantic and emotional. All of this come together in the commemorative medal. It was tiny, but it was the world in the palm of your hand.

Tom Garver

Presenter bio: Tom is a retired art historian. He says that, he doesn’t know if he was ever a ‘young Turk’ or not, but he’s definitely turned into an old fart. He used to love contemporary art but now collects little bits of old metal that really tell some great stories. He’s written a couple of books, worked in art museums around the country, helped build a nice art collection for Rayovac Corporation, when they still existed, and created a museum of railroad photos in Roanoke, Virginia.

He adds: “Hearing my talk, Metal for Mettle: The French Narrative Medal, along with some beer, will make you the person you want to be!”