Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Time: 8pm
Location: High Noon Saloon (map)

Your Body Wants You to Get Pregnant: Birth Control, Anti Depressants, and the Female Hormonal Cycle

Summary: Did you know that hormone levels affect the brain? Learn how the female hormonal cycle conspires to get you pregnant, and how antidepressants and birth control can work against your hormonal cycle, affecting your fertility and your mood.

Essie Lenchner

Presenter Bio: Essie recently quit working in healthcare IT and is now pursuing rock climbing, biochemistry, and her period.

The Mormon War and the King of Beaver Island

Summary: This story will be in three parts: a brief history of Mormonism in America, the death of Joseph Smith and subsequent schism between Brigham Young and Joseph Strang (the King of Beaver Island), and the Mormon war of 1857-1858.

Liam Walsh

Presenter bio: Liam is an adventurer and man about town. He’s a transfer from Detroit, by way of Edinburgh who lives with two paranoid and loving tiny dogs in Monona. He has found that a bachelor’s degree in fine arts is both priceless and useless. This is Liam’s first time speaking at Nerd Nite, but he’s been spinning yarns for years around town and around the world.

Lessons from the Sockeye Salmon

Summary: Join Ben as we explore the Alaskan Bristol Bay sockeye salmon run. Salmon have an amazing physiology to cope with their strenuous migration and their popularity has lead to their near destruction in 1950’s. He’ll take you on a whirlwind tour of the unique biology, economics, and fishing mechanics governing one of the largest migrations on earth.

Ben Beduhn

Presenter bio: Ben is a second year medical student from an Alaskan commercial fishing family. He thinks that seafood is better than any of your Midwest beef, and is excited to share some of his sea knowledge with you greenhorns. Grab your rain gear and find your sea legs, because you’re on a boat now.