Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Time: 8pm
Location: High Noon Saloon (map)

No Need for Butterflies in Your Stomach, Get Your Grub on!

Summary: Are you into whole, sustainable and healthy food? If so, you should be into insect cuisine. There are over 1,000 insect species eaten around the world. Learn about how to save the planet one bite at a time. See what microlivestock can bring to the table. And of course, try some delicious snacks!

Presenter bio: Joliene Lindholm is a PhD entomologist who enjoys sharing her love of science and insects through educational outreach opportunities and anyone who holds still long enough. She reacts to insects the way most people do to babies, puppies and kittens. Seriously, go look up cute bee flies right now!

Doing Women Justice: The Rise of Women in Comics

Summary: An introspective of females as characters in the American comic book culture in the last 60 years. Exploring the the humble beginnings of Lois Lane and her super hijinks, the amazing feminine paragons of the past who were outshined by the modern post-feminism super heroines, and the not so super women that now rule the comic racks.

Presenter Bio: Blake Alvarenga is Madison-born and has a crush on Lady Wisconsin who stands triumphant on the capitol building with the whole world in her palm. Blake is a state government bureaucrat by day, but you can catch him competing at Pundamonium the first Monday of every month at the High Noon Saloon.

How to be Happier

Summary: Using 3 elements from Martin Seligman’s PERMA model – Pleasure, Relationships and Engagement – I give examples of actionable steps I took to increase my own life satisfaction and which can be incorporated by audience members … with many laughs along the way.

Presenter bio: A member of the ‘Greatest Generation,’ that being 80’s babies, John Donnelly has lived, worked and played on the near east side of Madison for the past 8 years. In January John decided he wanted to be happier and went on an anal retentive search to learn how to do so. He is here to share what he found along the way.